EnergyOnly Published: August 22, 2017
Job Type


<p>Job description

The CEO is responsible for leading the development and execution of this successful Global Energy groups short term and long term strategy with an emphasis on financial return and overall corporate unity and growth. The CEO's leadership role also entails being responsible for all day-to-day management decisions. The CEO acts as a direct liaison between the Board of Directors and leadership team on behalf of management. The CEO also communicates on behalf of the company to shareholders, employees, government authorities, and the public. This position requires a leader with proven core leadership and organizational skills, visionary knowledge of the power industry and a unique ability to unify and enhance a positive corporate culture geared towards team success.</p>
<p>Lead, in conjunction with senior leadership team, the development of the company strategy with an emphasis on Financial growth, cultural development (team) and product/service profitability.</p>
<p>Develop and implement comprehensive Global Energy market strategies, ensure financial targets are met or exceeded.</p>
<p>Oversee and develop unified culture that allows company to achieve mutually agreed goals

Lead and oversee the implementation of long and short term plans in accordance with its strategy</p>
<p>Work closely with executive team and Sr. Leadership to ensure consensus and smooth execution.</p>
<p>Assess the principal risks and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed.</p>
<p>Ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place to oversea SG&amp;A expenses. effective management of these expenses.</p>
<p>Manage daily department operations, Client project management, estimating, purchasing, Client project negotiations and pre-construction.</p>
<p>Build and develop the Energy Team for anticipated Business Unit growth

Understanding the challenge of growth with small scale contracts</p>
<p>Build and maintain high level relationships with Key power industry decision makers</p>
<p>Oversee operations of fast-track, large volume project management and budgeting, while directing the trades and field personnel teams.</p>
<p>Ensure that the Company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business.</p>
<p>Unique Organizational demands:</p>
<p>Turn-around experience
Require cold-eye analysis / action to achieve greater objective
Introduce KPI effective for the service
Placing priority on delivering financial commitment to the shareholder</p>
<p>Improve on Follow-thru to deliver commitments to the client
Staffing business to Service business</p>
<p>Risk / Return sensitivity and balance
Measuring (quantifying)
Next level growth strategy and implementation
<p>Career Experiences: 
Asset Owner / Asset Management experience to better understand client requirement and implement necessary measures</p>
<p>Executive Management level experience with responsibility similar or greater</p>
<p>Power industry experience
 CEO network in the energy industry 
Service industry / business experience</p>
<p>Different dynamics from manufacturing, finance, asset-owned businesses<br />
<p>MBA Preferred</p>
<p>Appropriate executive level computer skills</p>
<p>Undergraduate Degree preferred
    Successful P&amp;L ownership experience is required</p>
<p>Budget/schedule/performance/quality responsibility
    Minimum of 15 years of experience in energy Industry</p>
<p>Energy engineering, operational, sales/development and construction experience
    Strong understanding of plant operations training construction and repair</p>